Friday, 27 May 2016

I read an interesting article this morning around Rust and the apparent advantages/disadvantages of the language.

(I appreciate some things have changed with Rust since the article was written.. It also reeks slightly of C++ elitism)

This is of particular relevance because in my performance comparison Rust came out top, beating C++. Now, neither my Rust or C++ implementations were hard-core optimised, but maybe that's the point. They were straightforward code versions of my algorithm and Rust was quicker. In addition, Rust is a safe language.

The point of the article is that C++ does a pretty great job at what it does and there has never been a viable replacement. For safe languages, there is a large choice, Go/Scala/Java/C# and so on.

Why is this interesting? Simply because after multiple diversions I'm ready to settle on a single language for some upcoming projects. Java is calling me as I wrote my fledgling, uncompleted game in it.

Edit: This is an interesting counter:

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