Monday, 21 January 2013

The Joy of Programming

I was just having one of those nostalgic moments earlier today. I'd been reading an article on C performance and managed to land on the Wikipedia article for Turbo C and then through this to Turbo Pascal.

Now, I'm a language geek and rather than becoming expert in one, I've pretty much coded in most out there except for the more esoteric ones.

I'm currently on a long functional language journey, oscillating between Clojure and Haskell, and it's reignited my idea of the actual act of coding being fun rather than the end purpose of the code itself.

Anybody who remembers Turbo Pascal will immediately remember just how much fun it was, a little like Basic on steroids. It's a bit like the sheer joy of creating music with a Tracker program (which is even more fun when large amounts of alcohol is consumed).

I wonder which language & environment would compare today? Common Lisp is certainly close, although I expect Python to win out.

It sort of ties in with my current desire to use plain old C again for some substantial project, the feeling of control and immediacy appeals. It was also the first language I learned that felt powerful but light, unlike the behemoths that are C++ and C#.

Maybe I should give myself a task to code and code it up in each and see which one I prefer?