Monday, 27 August 2012


After doing a whole bunch of messing around in O'Caml I've come to the conclusion that getting a working environment for 2D/3D development is just too much like hard work.

I've since been evaluating RubyGame (which is nice), but not overly happy with the speed, although it's very rapid for developing.

I've also dug out BlitzMax - now I bought a license for this a few years ago and did a lot of tinkering in it. It's a dialect of Basic but is amazingly easy to get things moving about on screen and there are a ton of game related libraries for it. However, the puritan in me doesn't like the fact it's not a standard language and the fact it's commercial. It is cross platform though, which is a nice bonus.

As usual, I go round in circles trying to make a decision - but choosing the language and using something new is often more interesting to me than the end result!

Let's see where this goes.

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